We are high performing team with distinct culture: different way of thinking and behaving, always striving for professional and personal development

Our main concern is Clients‘ success, as well as high ethical standards. We are building long – term relationships with our Clients since 2010

Always striving to find balance between our Clients‘ needs and longstanding legal practice

Our strength is non-traditional ideas, ethical behavior and attention to every detail



Debts recovered (age of < 90 days)

>10 000

Currently active debt collection cases

3 months

The average term of a full debt recovery

Meet our team

We are a team of ambitious, professional and result oriented lawyers, who always are aiming for highest quality law services. We believe that the synergy of legal knowledge and innovative, non-standard thinking is the best way to defeat challenges and exceed the expectations of our Clients. Contact us now – we are always ready to help You

Preferred partner of EOS

Preferred partner of EOS

As a preferred partner of EOS Group we are a part of global debt collection network that unites many different countries, cultures, and traditions. We share the core values as stipulated in the EOS code of conduct, as well as high quality standards.

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